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Photography Journey

Hello and welcome to CapturNg, my name is Matthew and this is my humble website.

How I started photography was when I was 8 years old and saw my father learning photography and I started foolishly playing around with his cameras. Having no clue of what each button does or how to even load film into it, I always found myself looking through the viewfinder. Always afraid to press the shutter button because a roll of film only had a limited frames and didn't want to waste it. When digital camera came along, it was a game changer, I started relentlessly and fearlessly pressing the shutter button, to the point where the shutter started to fail. To all that are starting photography as a hobby, just keep taking pictures until the camera breaks down.

Photography is a never-ending journey. I started my journey with the Canon PowerShot S30, mainly taking random pictures throughout the day. As the S30 started to age, and my interest grew, so it was a natural progression to a DSLR, upgraded to the Canon Rebel (300D). Because of the Rebel/300D, I was able to take advantage of the lenses that my father had, which spoiled me. The experience on the Rebel/300D along with the EF28-70mm and EF35-350mm was a real eye opener. This combo gave me the zoom that I didn't have before, also the dreamy "bokeh" from the wide aperture. As shutter count grew exponentially, the reliability of the camera took a dive. So again, I found myself looking at new cameras, with the help of my father, the Canon 30D was in my hand. Just like all enthusiasts, looking at gears to compliment the 30D was inevitable. Accumulated more lenses than I really need (EF15mm, EF17-40mm, EF70-200mm, EF100-400mm), accumulated more accessories than I actually use (tripods, monopods, filters, camera bags, camera case, camera strap, basically anything to do with cameras). With the EF100-400mm, it gave me the reach for wildlife photography, and found myself wanting more FPS (frames per second) to capture the fast moving animals. Sold the 30D and took a BIG BIG leap into the PRO world, Canon 1D Mark III. This camera had proven its price with its image quality and reliability. With this camera and along with my experience, I was confident enough to take on paid wedding jobs. Although the DSLR journey has been great, I started to realize that I am starting to lose the joy of photography, as it was mainly running and gunning. With a heavy heart, I sold all my Canon DSLR gears and in search of a new system. As I did more research, the more I was drawn to Leica. It was the style of taking photographs with a rangefinder that really intrigued me. On a DSLR, you see through a viewfinder, but on a rangefinder, you also see through a viewfinder but a much wider view and frame lines. What this meant was, you saw what was coming into frame and anticipated the "decisive moment". Leica M9 was a steep learning curve, but I found joy in photography again. I had to learn about prime lenses, manual focus and zone focus, which I neglected to learn while I was shooting on DSLR. There were a lot of limitations on the M9, and with this price tag, people always questioned why spend this money on something so limiting. My answer was  simple, you pay more to get less from the camera, but get more as a photographer. You will spend more time thinking about the setting and composition, instead of letting the camera do all the thinking for you. Slowing down, instead of running and gunning was exactly what I was looking for when I decided on the M9. Fast forward 3 years, I found myself relocating to a new country. With a majority of my funds tied up on gears, so I sold the M9 + lenses, and pressed pause on my photography journey.

After settling down in the new country, I always wanted to resume my photography journey but didn't, until 3 years later. At this time, I wanted to pick up photography where I left off but add a twist. Got a Leica 28mm Summicron for it's superb optics, not pairing it with a "M", but with the Sony A7 (another new system for me, mirror-less). This combo worked out great, but it gave me no joy that I once had with photography, so it just sat on the table and occasionally used it. So earlier this year, I sold the 28mm Summicron and gave the A7 to my brother, and got the Sony RX100 VI instead. The RX100VI really surprised me with its image quality in such a pocket-able size. 


Throughout my whole photography journey, I really gravitated to landscape photography, gave me a sense of peace and exploration. The camera I am now lusting over is the Hasselblad X1D II. When it was announced, I placed a pre-order, the first camera I ever pre-ordered on. After waiting for over 2 months, the Hasselblad X1D II finally arrived. It is time to start exploring the medium format world. 

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Gear List

Hasselblad - X1D II 50C

Hasselblad - XCD 30mm

Hasselblad - X Release Cord

B+W - 6 Stops ND Filter

B+W - 10 Stops ND Filter

Sandisk - 32 GB UHS II

RRS - BH 40 Ball Head

RRS - Pocket 'Pod w/ BC-18 Head

RRS - Universal L Plate

Gitzo - GT1542T Traveler

Samsung - T5 1TB SSD

Apple - MacBook Pro 13"

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