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My name is Matthew, I’m a Canadian photographer who specializes in landscape, conceptual and portraiture. I could be described as a methodical and traditional photographer, as I would observe the scene and think of the best method to capture the scene. To achieve high image qualities, my camera of choice would be no other than full-frame and medium-format camera. The larger sensor, higher resolution and most importantly, the 16-bit colour in a medium-format is unrivalled with any full-frame cameras on the market. 

For landscapes, I typically would visit the same location multiple times, no less than 10 times. It is important to see the scene from different time of the day and different scenario. Sunny, cloudy, rainy, sunrise and sunset, all have different mood and capturing that mood into a single photograph can be challenging but rewarding.


Photography is not just about getting one pretty picture, but a series of pictures to tell a story. Great storytelling requires 6 basic foundations; Universal / Purpose / Growth / Emotion / Surprise / Focus; with a concept linking it all together. The whole process can not be rushed, it can take months if not years.


Portraiture is also very intriguing for me, just like landscape, people can express different emotions. Establishing a positive connection is key, because being in front of the lens can be intimidating and guarding with barriers. Breaking down that barrier can allow the photographer to interact with the person at a more intimate level and the perfect smile will come naturally. In order to draw focus onto that perfect smile, no gimmick is needed, just a simple solid colour background.


There are of course advantages and disadvantages to such method, but as a medium format photographer, slowing down the process and thinking about every shot; oppose to rapid firing indiscriminately has been proven to be an important part of me evolving and improving as a photographer. 






I'm proud and honoured to be the only one from the Asia region to have won this international photography competition.


More details can be found at the

Official Hasselblad Website.

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